Dan Wolfe
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Website: www.danwolfe.com; 125 North Raymond Avenue, Suite 413, Pasadena, CA 91103

Commercial Credits: Table Top & Food: Apple Computer, Baskin-Robbins, Contessa Foods, Denny's, Hunt's, Jack In The Box, Sizzler, Wienerschnitzel, etc. Aerial: Boeing, Delta Airlines, Gulfstream, JPL, Kawasaki, Learjet, Lockheed, NASA, Northrop, Samsung Electronics, Space X, Vought Aircraft Company, etc.

President: Wolfe Air Aviation, Ltd.
Direct: (626) 584-4039


Dan Wolfe

At the 1985 Paris Air Show Dan met up with two of his heroes -
Chuck Yeager and Bob Hoover. Ever since, this photo (with Dan's
whimsical caption) has been proudly displayed on his office wall.
One day Chuck was visiting Wolfe Air and generously offered to
autograph it, as did Bob. It's one of Dan's prized possessions.