Dan Wolfe

After graduating from Art Center College in 1969 Dan began
his career assisting at Dove Films with Cal Bernstein and
Haskell Wexler. The position provided a very diverse exposure
to the industry. In the early 1970's Dan formed his own studio,
now Wolfe And Company Films. Specializing initially in broad
range photo-illustration, Dan's freelance assignments, both in
the studio and on location, ranged from product, big set
illustration, food, still life and people / product both in advertising
and editorial.

Dan’s philosophy is straightforward: Good photo-illustration of
any genre is timeless; it’s all about the right lighting and staging. Obviously when the subject is animated there’s the added
responsibility of being able to evoke or recognize the proper performance. As one views Dan's images, keep in mind that he
shot the bulk of his work without Photoshop and digital
manipulation. Everything was done painstakingly in front of
and within the camera, then committed to film.

Dan continued to fine-tune his skills and the assignments
continued to evolve. A decade after his Art Center graduation
Dan was recruited back to Art Center by President Don Cubley
and Photo Department Head Charlie Potts to give back. Dan
taught a special final semester class entitled "Advanced Photo-
Illustration" for more than a dozen years and found the
experience to be extremely rewarding.

Dan's career in live action directing was inspired by an
animated still photo project for a television show called The
Rockford Files
. Dan worked with actor James Garner staging
a series of sequences that he then shot and animated to create
the multiple award-winning main title for the show.


It was a natural transition for Dan to join the DGA and begin
directing live action commercial projects for his various clients.

Dan has been a pilot, both helicopter and fixed-wing, since his
early twenties. He’s an aviator to the core. Making images in the
air was just one more natural progression. When Dan met Bob
Nettmann in the mid 1980's he realized that his devotion to
quality image making and his love of aviation could continue to
merge his two professional passions.

Click here to view Dan discussing Bob Nettmann.

Click here to view Bob Nettmann discussing his newest gimbal.

Bob's amazing Academy Award winning aerial camera systems, including Vectorvision, Slip Stream and Super G were the
original perfect synergistic match. Dan committed to initially
form Wolfe Air Aviation and Gyron Systems International to
support Bob's ingenious aerial camera system designs.

Today Dan continues to seek out and form ongoing strategic
alliances with the best and brightest engineers and problem
solvers to enable the Wolfe companies to provide the very
best solutions for anyone seeking to create the highest
quality image making.

Whether you prefer the full services of Wolfe And Company
Films and/or Dan Wolfe, or just want to have one of our unique companies join and support your production team, we are
committed to providing the very best equipment, production
crews, pilots and technical support personnel.

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